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In less than 3 days I had people calling. - Archy M. (Arizona)

Archy was on the verge of canceling his Done-For-You campaigns, but SalesTeamLive coached him through all the tools he needed, and he closed a deal that netted him $85,000!

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Since [the first call] we’ve done four different deals - Archy M. (Arizona)

Well, again, the last time we visited I said, you know, if Archy can do it, anybody can do it and that certainly is the case. But, Gary, let me commend you and your staff of people how easy it is to work with you and the almost immediate response. If you call, if you send an e-mail--So easy to work with and so I commend you for your efforts and your business and the people you have working with you and then just continue to do it. It’s been good. It’s been fun and I sure enjoy the business.

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I've been with SalesTeamLive now for about nearly a year and a half and I have been nothing but pleased with the results I've gotten. - Scott T. (Virgina)

Listen to Scott's account on how he turned a hang-up into a deal just by following up. As Scott says, "I spend too much money to NOT call these people back." You'll learn after listening to his call that follow-up is an important part of landing deals. Not only was his seller excited to bypass all the realtors and sell his house, he also became Scott's Private Money source!

Listen to Scott (15 min. 05 sec.)

It's a good problem when you have more leads than you can deal with… - Will W.

The campaigns we have been doing have been excellent. I had hoped for a bit of a snowstorm when we talked in May about responses, and of course wound up with an avalanche. Had to dig out of that. But Good problem. It's a good problem when you have more leads than you can deal with because then you have to figure out how to deal with them. Thanks so much!

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I've never run into any place else that has that kind of flexibility with your mailing programs. - Scott M. (Chicago)

I just want to say that I really like the results I get from SalesTeamLive. I like what they do when getting my marketing out, following my plans the way I set them up. One thing you're probably not hearing from what other people are talking about is the flexibility regardless of how many pieces you're running. I had one of my follow up drip campaigns that literally had one day where one piece went out. But the point is, I was able to get that one piece out just for the postage on that. I didn't get a fixed charge up front every time I have one piece going out. So you're just paying for the postage whether you're sending out 1,000 in a campaign like I do sometimes, or all the way down to one. I've never run into any place else that has that kind of flexibility with your mailing programs. SO I just love that and I think you will too.

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This is the best program out there - Paul G. (Colorado)

We all know that after the third or fourth piece is when we get most of our response. I didn't fully realize that until I hooked up with Gary and started using his system on a campaign for 60-90 day lates. There was the first time that list went out, then two weeks later is went out again, and two weeks after that it went out again. The third or fourth time it went out is when we got 80 percent of our response.

I had never hit to that third or fourth time because we always thought that to do marketing we should use one list, and maybe we would hit that list twice. But with this Done-For-You system, we hit to that third or fourth time and that's where we realize the biggest response to our marketing. You would really be crazy to not hit until that third or fourth time.

If you're not really analytical, and you can't track yourself, this is the best program out there. We all have areas that we need to focus on, like buying and selling, but marketing needs to be your number one thing to do. If you don't market, you die in this business. In any business, marketing is the number one thing that you have to do. With Gary, marketing is the best thing on the planet.

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It is absolutely seamless - Cortney J. (Tennessee)

When I met Gary about a year ago, he started handling the marketing and we didn't need to hire someone for that position any more. It's all just done. I get an email -- actually , my administrator gets an email -- saying your 'Free and Clear' mailing or your 'Bankruptcy' mailing went out and I know that in a couple of days, the phone is going to start ringing.

They have analytical tools that allow you to take a look at everything. You can completely measure every mailing you send out to see what kind of ratio or return on your dollars you're getting. It is absolutely seamless.

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I think that SalesTeamLive is the best - Jan O. (Georgia)

About a month ago, we signed up again with SalesTeamLive and I've been working with the out-of-area owners and have gotten a bunch of leads in our email. I think that SalesTeamLive is the best. We tried to do it all on our own before and that's a lot of writing, envelope-licking and so forth.

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I support this program 110% plus!!! - Julia J. (Texas)

SalesTeamLive "Done-For-You or in Spite-of-You" program is an absolute no-brainer! So many tend to over think, overanalyze and/or procrastinate when it comes to getting the marketing out. If the marketing does not go out, there will not be the consistent flow of leads that is needed to keep the momentum and consistency going in the business. I support this program 110% plus!!! Your marketing goes out timely and consistently which keeps your phone ringing! The rest is up to you!

It is the best thing I've seen to revolutionize this business - Randy P. (New Jersey)

Like most people, when I started investing in real estate, I used business cards, signs and newspaper ads. About two and a half years ago, I got involved in the Autopilot system with Chris and learned about the importance of direct mail marketing. A year and a half ago I started to exclusively use direct mail marketing as the cornerstone and foundation of my real estate investment business. I got to the point where I was consistently doing about eight or 10 transactions per month which meant not only a certain amount of money, but a tremendous amount of time sending out all my direct mailers and all the follow-up things of that nature.

About two months ago, I met Gary at a different event and I -- unlike some people -- was not skeptical that it would work because I knew he uses Richard's and Chris' copy-writing. I just wanted to make sure that I didn't have to do anything. My first campaigns went out in late October or the beginning of November. Within a few days, the leads started coming in. Another campaign of mine went out on Friday and since I've been here Monday night, I have nine leads waiting in my 'in box.' It does work. It doesn't matter what it costs. It is the best thing I've seen to revolutionize this business. I think everyone in this business should be a member of SalesTeamLive.

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I really applaud the quality of service - T.K Parthasarathy (Illinois)

Until I met Gary at Richard Roop's boot camp, the piece of my business that was the missing link was direct mailing. I was very sceptical initially. Then asked myself, 'What am i going to loose here? Maybe $350, or $1,000 per month.' So I tried it out. Amazingly, after 30 minutes on the phone with the sales people, I was set to go and everything was automated for me. I didn't have to worry about the thing I hated most: direct mailing.

I used to go by information I got from list brokers, and put hundreds of files on my computer. At the end of two weeks I had no idea where they were to begin with. I also put classified ads and display ads in the paper, but nothing significant developed in my real estate business. Then I said 'forget this.'

All I've got to tell you is that I was very skeptical to begin with until I got SalesTeamLive. Their customer service is outstanding. They'll help you all the way through. For example, when I went on a vacation for 10 days last week, nothing was happening. Still, through my emails, there were potential sellers through the Voice Connect and through the Web site. And now, I have someone in the office calling for me and setting up appointments while I am here. My schedule will be all set up for me when I get back.

If you're looking for a system that works for you, like the Autopilot system, this is the best system I have ever seen. The customer service is outstanding, and I really applaud the quality of service you provide. Thank you Gary.

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They do everything for you and the phone just starts ringing. - John C. (Florida)

"Gary, I am a relatively new investor, however I recently committed to taking my business 'to the next level.' SalesTeamLive makes that step incredibly easy for even the most inexperienced investor. For the militarily minded of you out there, their "done for you" program is actually betted named 'fire and forget': that is, once you work out the marketing campaign, just how you want it to be, you just 'pull the trigger' and the outstanding and professional support make sure that it happens - just as you want - right on target. Never worry about your mail getting out when you want it to go out. Now it just happens.

I just wait for the calls to come in. - Marc H. (Minnesota)

The SalesTeamLive solution is completely level 3. Once I had the system set up, I just sit back and watch the system work. Its like an ice maker - I just sit back and know my marketing is getting sent out. I just wait for the calls to come in.

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My phone is ringing off the hook - Melanie H. (Florida)

"I'm in one of the most difficult and competitive markets in the country - southern Florida. I didn't think high equity deals existed in southern Florida. I'm getting a flood of high quality calls from SalesTeamLive. I've diversified to three different campaigns and getting great results. My phone is ringing off the hook. SalesTeamLive is truly 'Done in Spite of You Marketing.' It's great."

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*If you’ve read all the above testimonials, then you know how many people have had amazing success with our Done-For-You Services. But here’s the bad news and somebody has to be straight with you.

The typical person is going to do absolutely nothing with the leads they get from our Done-For-You service. They’ll make a half baked effort or simply let those leads sit around collecting dust. In short, most people get nothing out of this because of themselves.

If you’re the typical person, don’t get this product. Save your money and go spend it on a haircut or something. It won’t last long but at least you’ll get something out of it.

But…if you’re not the typical person, and need a service to do all your real estate marketing all for you, and you honestly use it as it’s meant to be used, you have a better than average chance of getting good results. Your situation may not end up exactly like the people above, as some may not be of the norm, but results just the same. You'll have a fully automated marketing system that will bring you a constant flow of leads and a support team that will coach you through closing those deals.