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Transform Your Business By Hiring The Lead Generation Experts for Real Estate Investors

+ Real Estate Leads Done For You, Guaranteed!

SalesTeamLive offers complete Done-For-You marketing that was developed with cutting edge technology to deliver some of the most qualified Real Estate Investor buyer and seller leads available. This Done-For-You platform includes every piece of the puzzle you need to increase the quality of your leads and cut out the time bandits. Our goal is to make your business easier by automating as much as possible and filling any current holes in your lead generating system.

+ Laser Beam Focused Lead Generation

By using our SalesTeamLive technology, lead generating for results and profit just became easier. We use highly focused direct mail campaigns as a platform to create one of the most powerful response methods for finding real estate investment goldmines. While SalesTeamLive utilizes direct mail as a vehicle to deliver qualified leads, it is just one of the many keys to success of a very complex system you must have in place to maximize your real estate profits. Your campaign with SalesTeamLive will have each of these main keys, handing you over a proven lead generation system on a silver platter.

+ We Provide Profitable Results

SalesTeamLive manages its direct mail campaigns to focus on homeowners that “NEED” to sell their house quickly, not people who "want" to sell their house. Don’t be fooled by companies that give you their average response estimates…these can be very misleading. It’s not how many calls you receive…its how many houses you buy. SalesTeamLive has already done the research and development for you, so you don’t have to waste costly dollars on low performing leads. We have a tried and true system that has been tested and optimized to make sure your direct mail campaign achieves superior results.

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+ Client Feedback and Success Coaching

+ List Criteria and Data Consultation

+ Inbound Call Tracking

+ Real Estate Console

+ Results Analysis